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iSchool Announcements

School management needs to be able to actively provide details and publications of major notes for departments and classes specifically. With our announcements tool, schools can use our platform to make sure that messages are heard and seen by all.

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iSchool Reporting System

Using a flexible reporting and assessment module system, we can generate major report cards that provide monthly and quarterly knowledge about student performance. If you want to ensure that evaluation can be made automated and simple, then these reports are the perfect way to go.

iSchool Class Wall

The Class Wall serves as a powerful, private social network that allows each class in your school to operate in the same way they do outside of school. With a private wall feed to post on, parents teachers and students can all come together and learn from one another.
This helps to bridge that vital communications gap that can stop classes from reaching their potential. It also helps to add a greater layer of requirement from students to parents, keeping them abreast of all changes to particular coursework/homework.

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iSchool Chat Messenger 

This also comes with a brilliant advanced chat messenger system that allows teachers and management to liaise with parents when possible. This allows for easy group chat and file exchanges to allow for easy education and also simple resolving of any problems that creep up during the school year that needs addressed.

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iSchool Homework

Worried about homework falling behind? Then iSchool provides easy access to advanced homework assignment plans. This allows for access to resources is made simpler, as is contribution across the class. Also, excuse cultures die out here and now – the dog can’t eat a computer!

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iSchool Quizzes

Online quizzes are a great way to keep everyone learning while having fun, and we provide online quizzes that tracks student performance and provides instant grading, allowing for education to be fun again.

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iSchool Online Application for future students

Want to apply to iSchool? Then you can do so through the networks online applications systems. Simply fill out a form and get an appointment to schedule an interview with us!
All applications are graded automatically to look at school criteria, making it easy for management to filter and manage the people who will be passed through for further interviews.

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iSchool Attendance Management

With the help of one-click attendance management for all students, you can very easily keep track of everything from attendance and alarms to make sure poor attendance in students can be noticed and dealt with.

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iSchool Timetable and teaching plan

Every class has its own timetable, as does each teacher so they can manage their workload for peak efficiency. This allows for weekly and yearly planning to make sure that education can be as effective as possible for all students.

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iSchool Curriculum and Week plan

With a one-click weekly plan system for each subject, topics can be reviewed and looked into for the rest of the week for equal efficiency in planning and preparation alike. Online study guides are provided as well as access to students for everything including homework and quizzes to make sure that students never need to struggle to stay on top of the work they have to deal with again.


Mobile apps, Mobile ready

Student Profile

Comprehensive student profile, Skills, Scores and Notes


Copying papers decrease drastically


Announcements and messages

Parents Visits

No more wasted time in Parents Visits

Full Control

Complete supervision and control on your school

Photo Album

Rich photo gallery for classes and school


Unmatched technical support Comprehensive Training

  • Save Time

    Make the most of an intelligent and well managed cloud computing system that is managed for your organization by us.

  • Greater Supervision

    We make use of intelligent and well managed communications tools for improved workflow and productivity for students and staff alike

  • Safety Long-Term

    Everyone, and everything, is safe. We have a protected environment to keep students and staff safe of trouble

  • Improve Analysis

    From teaching performance stats to student attendance, you can take much better control of the discipline around

  • User Friendly

    Entirely paperless with everything stored online for constant access, this also makes the most of a 3-click system